Md. Habibullah Habib

Md. Habibullah Habib

Bangladesh Multicare Hospital aims to offer quality and comprehensive healthcare accessible to everyone. We sincerely believe that a vast and diversified population needs a reliable healthcare system available to all of the country. It should not be an exclusive right of the wealthy to receive high-quality medical treatment.

And to achieve this goal, we are devoted to offering top-notch medical care at the lowest price we can manage to help the people. We aspire to develop a transdisciplinary healthcare team with high-quality and compassionate care, deliver new clinical and service experiences, and achieve operational excellence. We hope to meet your current and future medical requirements.

Our attention has always been on patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds, those who are turned away by the big corporate hospitals, those who cannot afford expensive medical care, and those who need compassion. We believe it is wrong to turn away the ill because of their financial situation as we consider health care a noble profession.

We combine state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, a highly integrated and extensive information system, and the pursuit of discovering and creating novel medical solutions. Our hospital fuses traditional and modern medical practices to deliver accessible and cheaper healthcare, making it a unique facility in the country.

With the motto “We Care, You Cure,” we treat every patient more like a family member than a customer.

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